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This website is based on Drupal. A famous CMS coded with PHP. mySQL is the database under the hood. Apache2 is serving dynamic HTML5, and some JavaScript which enables responsive mode.

You will find here a variety of ressources focused on 3-Dimensional techniques : 3D models of Objects in a simple to use Catalog (with a simple and fast navigation) where you can Download or Order a 3D-Print.

You'll also find Tools like LibreVue3D (upcoming) and Links to existing stuff and usefull websites, modeling tutorials with Blender3D, 3D-Printing Tricks of course.

An important part of the website is the 3D-Printing Community being represented and built here, offering a 3D-Print Collective-WebService ! This is under-construction and a list of "Reprap operators" is coming.

Have a nice visit and don't hesitate to use the CONTACT form ! It's there for you.

-David Venancio Ferreira de Campos