I 3D-Print -since 2013- for you or your company only in PLA because of ecological obvious reasons at 2€ per hour.

3D Printed PLA Objects

I Create or 3D-SCAN your object with serious open-source tools like Blender.

Blender Lunettes A2

I Organize workshops and demos about Open-Source Hardware artifacts like Arduino, RapsberryPi and of course REPRAP 3D-Printers.

Workshop at Tournefeuille's Mediatheque

>>> Prices 2020

  • WORKSHOPS : Arduino, RepRap or/and 3D Modeling on Blender and open-source tools : 375€ per workshop consisting in 8 hours. References : the "Tournefeuille's Mediatheque" close from Toulouse, or in "Limoges Mediatheque" in France.
  • MODELING in 3D on Blender for you : 20€/hour
  • 3D-PRINTING : 2€/hour per 3D-Printer - available machines right now : One RepRap Prusa i3 Rework (second one is under maintenance for a few days)

This price of 2€ per hour may shock you as it's so low BUT that's my strategy. If you think a good service must be expensive and out of reach from poor people, I don't agree with you and you should ask someone to rob you but I won't do that. I USE FAIR PRICE FOR EVERYONE. 2€/h/reprap.