By Meta_4 | 2023/11/06 - 14:10

I am pleased to introduce 2652 True-type fonts with a 3D preview OF ANY TEXT (clic on the viewer and edit the example). You can save as STL with the Export Controls. This tool is totally free to use but the server has a cost. Please give some credits and share the link !


I recommend to use a computer instead of a mobile device FOR NOW... As I missed some time to make it responsive. Also the navigation can be better, but once loaded, it is pretty simple.


added the FPS indicator and Export controls

Some .OTF fonts I converted to .TTF and some native TTFs are not working with Three.js loader.

I'll try to debug that soon, please accept my apologies,

I let the bugged fonts online for the moment, no time to clean that right now. -_-;

Total beginners might wonder what they can do with .STL files (and .3MF when I'll have time to implement this extension)...

.STL files contain the description of "vectorial objects" : each Face is composed of Vertices and Edges.

All faces compose a Mesh.

A "mesh face" (in computer graphics) can be triangular or polygonal.

You can read about it on Wikipedia . Please support WikiMedia if you like their websites.