Welcome on Version 5.3

By Meta_4 | 2024/02/17 - 05:13

I love this theme for Drupal ! GG to the author, this is super neat and pretty. Thank you.

So right now I'm focusing on the site functions.

You can join my new Discord server with the "Join discord" button. It will take you to https://www.discord.com then follow the steps.

New section : Best WWW Objects

By Meta_4 | 2023/11/11 - 06:40
  • added a field to my content type "object" : "authored by Meta_4" -to clarify this listing- with two possible values "yes/no",
  • added a corresponding view which filters objects based on the previous field, by duplicating "3DL Objects",
  • added a new menu entry,
  • modified the existing view "3DL Objects" so it filters objects created by myself,
  • and finally added my first and preferred objects/projects from the World Wide Web.

Be sure I'll be adding useful and cool things HERE

/fonts !

By Meta_4 | 2023/11/06 - 14:10

I am pleased to introduce 2652 True-type fonts with a 3D preview OF ANY TEXT (clic on the viewer and edit the example). You can save as STL with the Export Controls. This tool is totally free to use but the server has a cost. Please give some credits and share the link !


Next project ? OSHW PAPER PRINTER / Imprimante papier en materiel libre

By Meta_4 | 2022/05/23 - 17:24

Work in progress. I will use this post to go forward on this really nice post from @pipix on twitter

I would like an open source hardware printer. With open source reusable printer cartridges. ❤️🌍🖨️#oshw

— Alicia Gibb (@pipix) May 11, 2022

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