Luis David Campos Venancio

FREELANCE Webmaster : Luis David Campos Venâncio, aged 50. Also known as "Meta_4" in video-games (playing Arma 3 KOTH Mod).

Professional Programmer since 1994, freelance since 1997 with some pauses like 1999 when I co-founded the ESWC ancestor : "LAN-Arena".

Read more about me on my LinkedIn profile or my "exact works list" which is more complete.

I have developed a loooOOOOoooot of websites, intranets, extranets, C and C++ programs, as a PAID SERVICE for many companies.

Moved from Paris in 2010, went live in Toulouse. Then in 2017 I changed to SANTIAGO-DO-CACÈM, which is a wonderfull small city located 150 km south of Lisbon, close to the coast.

Feel free to contact me at anytime and leave a message if possible or send me a complex question by e-mail..

I love critics and suggestions. Thanks You !

You can read more on my references page.