I am a professionnal industrial programmer since 1994, present on Linkedin if you like to use this social network : Luis David (Meta 4) Campos Venancio .

me a few days ago

You can also check my complete carrier on my blog : http://david.venancio.free.fr/?q=works/select

Check out some objects there while I add content to this page. =)

Started 3D-Printing in Toulouse, France in 2013 where I learnt all around REPRAP 3D-Printers.


2013 to 2016 : I worked with artists at Mixart-myrys and Tournefeuille Mediatheque organizing workshops about open-source hardware (Arduino and RepRap) and software (Blender3D).

2017 to 2022 : Changed to Portugal where I sold many objects in festivals like FREEKUENCY 2017, Festival das Cores 2018 (Vila nova de santo andre) and even at the beach for tourists and friends at Melides restaurant "Ar de Mar". I was also present at Festival Musicas do Mundo 2018 and 2019.

During the COVID lockdown : Selling objects stopped working by lack of visibility.

2022 : Pause for financial rebuilding, learnt to be a Rural Fireman (Sapador Florestal).



I'm on more than 30 years of experience in computing since this year.

My diplomas are authentically from France, Versailles region at the Lycee Technique Agora - city of Puteaux (92000).

Electrotechnician and Industrial Computing Superior Technician.

That's it for now and don't hesitate to contact me PLEASE I do not bite, which means : I get very few contacts through this website and hope to convince you that I'm a good technician with this new page.

-David / May 2024